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Greenhouses 101

Greenhouses offer a great deal of versatility and customization depending on the needs of a commercial farmer or grower. Square footage, structure type, ventilation needs and type of plants being grown all are factors in deciding what commercial greenhouse is right for you. Merchney Greenhouses offers many options to get the right cost-effective solution for your greenhouse needs. No matter the size, budget and plants we can get you set up in a custom quality greenhouse!

Greenhouse structure Types

Generally greenhouse fall into 3 different types,

Cold Frame, Freestanding and Gutter-Connect Greenhouses.

Each type is adapted depending on your growing commercial greenhouse needs.


Cold Frame Greenhouse

The most affordable and versatile, cold frame greenhouses provide protection for all seasons! They are great for adjusting to changing climates without using heating sources. Type of greenhouse structures include Freestanding greenhouses and Liberty greenhouses.




Freestanding Greenhouse

The most widely used greenhouse structure! The freestanding greenhouse is easily customized for multiple or single bays, gravity or motorized ventilation and any every growing need. Type of freestanding greenhouses include: freestanding greenhouses, Liberty greenhouses, Pinnacle greenhouses and Teacher greenhouses.






Gutter-Connect Greenhouse

Typically the largest of greenhouses, Gutter-connect greenhouses can grow and change with your needs. The idea commercial greenhouse, gutter-connect greenhouses can provide a cost effective but large growing space for plants. Types of freestanding greenhouses include Liberty greenhouses and Pinnacle greenhouses.