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Affordable Commercial Greenhouses & Shade Structures

For all your growing needs, turn to the leading provider of commercial greenhouses in Liberty, South Carolina. At Merchney Greenhouses, our cold frames, gutter connected, and freestanding greenhouses provide the most cost-effective solution for your growing needs. Our shade structures provide a low-cost way to cover a large area, while still maintaining an open area for an effective workspace.
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Cold Frame Solutions

This structure of commercial greenhouse is an affordable and versatile option for nursery growers or for those planting over the winter. It provides protection for your plants, but is generally not used for heating purposes. However, it is easily adapted for both heating structures and shade structures. It is a wonderful and cost-effective structure for any growing operation.

Freestanding Greenhouse

This is, by far, the most widely used structure in the horticulture industry. It can be used as a cold frame, a heated greenhouse, a prorogation greenhouse, and even a naturally or mechanically ventilated greenhouse. No matter what your growing needs, this provides the smart answer for you.

Gutter Connect Options

This is the most efficient growing structure available in the industry today. It provides a large growing area under one roof, and we have several different options for you to choose from. Large and cost-effective, the gutter connect is the ideal commercial greenhouse for those protecting a great number of plants.

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