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Versatile Greenhouse Supplies

Having the right greenhouse supplies and equipment is important for the success of any growing operation. At Merchney Greenhouses in Liberty, South Carolina, we have the all the tools and parts you need to have a uniformed and consistent crop. We have compiled a list of equipment and parts that we have available, and provide all our greenhouse supplies at cost-effective prices.



• Heaters
• Exhaust Fans
• Shutters
• Evaporative Coolers
• Vents
• HAF Fans
• Fertilizer Injectors
  (With a Variety of
• Shade Systems
• Irrigation Systems
• Shade Cloths


• Hardware
• Trust Components
• Ribs
• Bows
• Purling material
• Anchors
• Washers

Greenhouse Coverings

The proper covering for your greenhouse is essential for your operation. No matter what your horticulture application needs, we have the best selection of coverings for you. Below are some of the items we carry:

• Polyethylene Coverings
• Polyethylene Fasting Systems

• Polycarbonate Coverings
• Polycarbonate Extrusions
• Anti-Condensate Polyethylene Coverings
• Infrared (IR) Polyethylene Coverings

Contact us to learn more about our greenhouse supplies and covering options for your business.

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