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Gutter Connected Structures

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• Gutter connected style provides the best and most cost effective working environment for reduced labor cost

• Versatility of structure gives it uses in multiple applications.

   *Garden Centers

   *Greenhouse Growers

   *Hydroponic Growers

   *Research Facilities

   *Nursery Growers

   *Aquaculture Growers

Add-ons are easy by just continuing to add on either side

Best way to cover large areas for the money


• Available in 30', 24', 22' and 18' width

• Available in any length that is multiple of 12'

• Available in 10', 12' or 14' heights

• Bows are made of either 1.66'' or 1.9'' diameter material and are spaced every 4'
• Cross braces are every 12'